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Support the launch of the Cantu Super Foods Collection as well as support and encourage sales of the Natural Hair Collection and complete brand product line.

Our Solution

  • Identify influencer talent that is a genuine fan of the brand to use their social media influence to promote new product launch and overall brand awareness.
  • Negotiate and execute an agreement for a six-month partnership between influencer and brand.
  • Create social media content, calendar and deliverables that keep in line with the brand’s current initiatives.
  • Assure all deliverables commitments are met.
  • Manage budget and process all payments due to Influencer.

The Results

  • 7,262,532 In-Feed Post Impressions
  • 14,512 IG Live views
  • Story engagement = 3,795,483
  • Curly Hair tutorial = 165,506
  • Increase in Cantu followers during Term = 11k
  • 11,238,033 Overall impressions